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About Us

You've arrived. Finally! We're so glad you got to our story. And why? Well, we want you to get it. Because at Get Collar, we're passionate. Passionate about dogs!

Where did all this passion come from you ask?

My love for animals started with Sam - a Golden Retriever. As the founder of Get Collar, let me explain. Sam was my very first dog. He was quite the adventurous pup - I tell ya! Having me chase after him while he ran circles around the neighborhood was his favourite game.

As I grew up, more pups followed....
First were Gina and Rico - both Bolognezers. We soon added more to family. Sophie - a Miniature Schnauzer/Norfolk Terrier and Max - a Bichon/Shih Tzu.

That's Sophie and Max below - aren't they cute?!

Would you believe it if I said there was even more to come? Well believe it! Next up was Sandy - a Maltipoo and Teddy. We literally rescued Teddy from the streets as we drove by a weakened and crying pup. Of course, we stopped immediately and took him home with us. We patched him up and now he's part of the family - quite the boisterous little guy!

These cuties are the reason why Get Collar was born. I mean, they are definitely cute enough already, but why not shower them with love and dress them up in pretty things! A colorful bow tie, collar or harness just looks too darn cute. 

Hence - welcome. Welcome to Get Collar - a place born from love, passion, and cuteness overload.

Yours truly,

Get Collar CEO & Team